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For Home Owners

A Unique Opportunity to Benefit For Home Owners

SolarFree for Home Owners

  • SolarFree Home Roof Top Solar that Pays you.
  • Innovative scheme builds equity value for the Home.
  • Fastest Payback for Home Solar Roof Top in the Industry.
  • Utico, the Middle East’s leading Full service private utility with a reputable Industry track record & having won several Global & Local awards, has announced a path breaking program for Home Roof Top Solar that is intended to revolutionize the Roof Top Solar market and benefit many Home owners.
  • The program called SolarFree allows any Home Roof Top Solar owner to acquire a Solar Roof Top system for his Home by either purchasing it or through an in-house financing arranged by Utico


No long term liability through a Power purchase agreement or a long term lease with the company of 10-15 years.


System at a fixed price guaranteeing the Home owner a return even if the Solar system does not produce any Power


Investment money back within a period of 3 years or for elite qualified consumers, within 2 years.  This means the installation is free to the Home owner at that time

No Hidden Costs

The important thing is that the investment will not have any hidden costs

Not A Utility Bill Paid In Advance Feeling

SolarFree is not like your utility bill is being paid 7 years in advance to get a payback as is per the current market offerings.

No Long Term Debt Liability

Also no Home owner will have a long term 10-15 years debt like deal or instrument  tied to the deal.

Home Owner Empowerment

This program frees and empowers the Home Owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolarFree ?

It’s a Roof Top Solar installation system that Pays you back.

What are the benefits for me?

Fastest Payback in the Industry.
High ROI.
Become a supporter of climate change mitigation.

How much does it cost ?

The Customer gets the Payback of his purchase price, within 3 years.
So it’s FREE for you at that time.

In which Emirates is the System Available?

It’s available immediately in Dubai. It will be rolled out in all other Emirates soon.

Are there any hidden costs to the Customer?

There are no other hidden costs to the customer.

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Enjoy a Lifetime of Solar Energy Savings


Solar Education – Coming Soon

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  • Portfolio Two
  • Portfolio Three
  • Portfolio Four